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Trying to calculate food costs even with a spreadsheet can be really hard -- and when you're in a hot kitchen during service, it's almost impossible!

With the PlatePricer app for iPhone, you can calculate your food costs or menu prices in just seconds. So you can check a dish's food costs the very moment a cook is telling you about a change in its setup.

PlatePricer is available in the App Store for any iPhone.


Why PlatePricer?

When I ran restaurants, I always had a fear that my menu pricing was not keeping up with my cost of food. But I rarely had time to make a spreadsheet to figure it all out. And if we ran a special, checking my cost of food was a luxury at best.

I developed PlatePricer so restaurant operators would have a convenient, easy-to-use calculator for plate costs. I don't want you to have to worry about whether your math is good, this app will make sure for you.

PlatePricer is very simple to use. Any app that you're going to use in a restaurant needs to be so easy, that you can use it when it's really hot and loud in the kitchen, and someone is talking in your ear.

PlatePricer is available in the App Store for any iPhone.


Keep it simple, and don't sweat the small stuff

Most restaurant calculators and spreadsheets make you convert from the invoicing units (say, pounds), to your recipe amounts (for instance, grams). PlatePricer handles those conversions automatically.

Additionally, once you enter in a price for one ingredient, all your recipe costs will update -- you don't have to update them individually.

Lastly -- and I think this is extremely important -- you don't need to give exact pricing for all the inexpensive small stuff on the plate, like, say, onions and lettuce on a burger. You can just lump that into a fixed cost for the dish, however much you estimate. That's the industry standard for plate price calculations; they're based just on proteins and feature ingredients with a little fixed amount added on.

Using all the features is very simple and will allow you to stay no top of your costs with almost no time and effort.


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